We are located on a small hobby farm with our family of five near Mount Forest,Ontario.

My spouse and I both grew up with Labradors in our lives and have always felt they are such a versatile,intelligent and loving breed.  Many people decide upon adding a Labrador to their family for these same reasons, but finding a reputable breeder can be challenging for them. There are some important factors when searching for the right puppy, and a dedicated breeder.

One of them is knowing about, and asking for documentation of health testing. 

There are many "back yard breeders" who may seem reputable at first but fail to do imperative health screening prior to breeding, this can result in heartache and financial loss to the families that have gone to them.

A veterinarian cannot do a visual health check and determine risks of hip dysplasia or many other genetic diseases months down the line, and this also cannot be determined because the breeding dogs appear "healthy". This is why health testing all dogs who may produce is a must; to know very well before hand if you would be greatly reducing OR potentially increasing the risks of many genetic conditions. 

At Saugeen Creek we complete all health testing prior to pruducing any puppies and as well breed within the Labrador standard. We want to see this beautiful breed continue with quality dogs. We only breed in the three recognized colours- black, chocolate and yellow. 

We have a small breeding program and our dogs live in our home with us. They are a huge part of our family.

When we have puppies they are born and raised inside of our home, with an abundance of socialization and love. 

We begin house training as soon as the puppies are moving around well. Crate training is also introduced prior to puppies leaving. We feel this helps them transition with less stress from our home to their new home, as they are familiar and comfortable with the crate. 

Being a small program we currently have one to two litters a year total- All of the puppies leave here registered with the CKC, vet checked, vaccinated, dewormed several times, microchipped and with 6 weeks pet insurance. We take pride in any dogs we produce and provide a four year guarantee as well as lifetime support.  Our puppies are sold on non breeding agreement's. 

Saugeen Creek Labradors- Heather McTavish



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